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ASI is the only online learning platform that focuses entirely on teaching courses related to space.


We only work with the best teachers, tutors, and institutions in Africa and the USA.


We partner up with African schools and institutions.

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ASI offers a custom course design service for African schools and educational institutions who want to enhance their curriculum with amazing astronomy and aerospace e-learning modules. We create unique courses tailored to your specifications for students of all levels.


The surge of exoplanets discoveries stimulated the questions about the possibility of other lives outside the earth. In this course […]

  • Africa Space Institute
The Notion of Time
The Notion of Time

The dream of traveling through time is ancient as humanity. For long time humanity were fascinated by the concept of […]

  • Africa Space Institute
Space Exploration and Rocket Science
Space Exploration and Rocket Science

Space exploration became a great achievement in the history of humankind. The societal and economic benefits are colossal, and today […]

  • Africa Space Institute
How to Build a Rocket
How to Build a Rocket

Rockets are the most fascinating machines invented by humankind, we all like those machines and the exciting launching moment of […]

  • Africa Space Institute
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At Africa State Institute, we only work with the very best teachers and content creators. Only about 4/100 of instructors are able to make it through our rigorous screening process. Every instructor has undergone an assessment and interview with us.

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